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Cult Internet Train Race Video 2006-08-13

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Glasgow.
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An heir to the Tunnock’s teacake fortune has become a cult hero on the internet after he raced a train on his mountain bike — and won.

Mr.Colin Baird, 21, was challenged to beat the train by fellow members of ‘Glasgow University Sailing Club’. And a video of Mr.Baird racing the train as it sped between two stations at 35mph has been viewed more than 100 000 times (more…)


Masturbate on TV For Charity 2006-08-11

Posted by clype in Intolerance.
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More than 250 people have pleasured themselves for charity today in Britain’s first ‘Masturbate-athon’.

Participants from all over the UK queued (more…)

The Brilliant 1970s 2006-08-10

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Humanities.
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‘Summer of 1976’ An article by Howard Sounes in ‘The Scotsman’:

It was during the heatwave of 1976, when the country was parched and the economy on its knees, that punk rock was born.

Over the subsequent 30 years, the United Kingdom has become ever richer, hotter and drier, and the 1970s have been dismissed absurdly as “the decade that taste forgot”. In fact, the years 1970/79 were packed with exciting and stylish works of art, classic movies and records, great books, important architecture and revolutionary television. The spirit of innovation that hallmarked the 1960s continued into the new age, tempered by a more severe political and economic climate.


English-Speaking Job Ad Racist? 2006-08-03

Posted by Dave in Intolerance.
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A Kent builder claims he was called racist by Jobcentre staff, after his advert for a carpenter said the person must be able to speak and read English.

Mr.Dean Osmon, of Teynham, was told it might breach ‘The Race Relations Act’. (more…)

Kelvingrove Shuts! 2006-08-03

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Glasgow, Humanities.
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The newly refurbished Kelvingrove Museum was forced to close because of heavy rain yesterday, barely three weeks after it re-opened to the public. (more…)

His & Sur Names 2006-08-03

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Intolerance.
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Women who don’t want to lose their name in marriage have traditionally opted for double-barrelling their surname, or keeping their maiden name. Now, from the USA, comes a new option: ‘Meshing’.

If Pete Doherty and Kate Moss ever decide to get married — and ‘mesh’, they could be known as Mr and Mrs Doss. (more…)