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Computers to Detect Dementia Early 2006-09-30

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A new computer-aided analysis may help detect the earliest signs of cell damage caused by ‘Alzheimer’s disease’.


Soft Landings for House Prices 2006-09-30

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  • House prices rising in line with inflation;
  • Earnings rising faster than property prices for first time since 2001;
  • Market experiencing ideal ‘soft landing’;
  • Demand and sales remain strong.

House prices in ‘West Central Scotland’ are heading for the softest of ‘soft landings’ as property price inflation in ‘Glasgow’ fell in to step with the CPI rate of inflation in the second quarter of 2006.

For the first time since house prices started to rise rapidly in 2001, average UK earnings are now rising faster (at 3.8 per cent) than house prices in Strathclyde (at 3.7 per cent).

House price inflation in Glasgow is now 2.5 per cent, according to (more…)

Missing Suspect’s fake ID, Body Found in Church 2006-09-29

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Police investigating the disappearance of a Polish student in Glasgow have found a body concealed within the church where she was last seen.

Police said they had not yet identified the body (more…)

VSS Enterprise Mock-Up 2006-09-29

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Sir Richard Branson has unveiled a mock-up of the rocket-powered vehicle that will carry clients into space through his ‘Virgin Galactic‘ business.

[Picture of Press Launch]

The ‘Virgin’ spaceships are designed to carry six passengers and two pilots to an altitude of about 140 km on a sub-orbital space flight. (more…)

New Mum’s Fat Dangers 2006-09-28

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Mothers who put on or fail to shift excess weight after having a baby risk problems in later pregnancies, experts have warned. (more…)

Missing: Pat and Angelika 2006-09-28

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He first appeared at the doors of ‘St.Patrick’s Church’ in Glasgow barely two months ago. He gave no details of his past and seemed to have no home, but was welcomed by the priest without question and soon started doing odd jobs around the chapel.

Now the mysterious handyman is at the centre of a major inquiry into the disappearance of the 23-year-old Polish student (more…)

English Want More Languages 2006-09-27

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‘The Higher Education Funding Council for England’ is to spend 4.5 million GBP on a drive to encourage more students to take up languages, after a drop in undergraduate numbers.


  • Manchester, London and Edinburgh have the most foreign-language speakers;
  • More women than men speak a second language;
  • Women tend to speak one language to a higher level, while men speak a smattering of several languages. 


Mona Lisa Pregnancy Test Results 2006-09-26

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‘Mona Lisa’, the mysterious woman immortalized in Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th century masterpiece, had just given birth to her second son when she sat for the painting, a French art expert said (more…)

Madonna, Scream & Munch 2006-09-26

Posted by clype in Europe, Humanities.
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Norwegian painter Mr.Edvard Munch’s masterpieces ‘The Scream’ and ‘Madonna’ were put on show on Tuesday 2006-09-26 for the first time since police recovered them in 2006-08 — and two years after they were stolen from an Oslo museum.

[Picture of The Munch Museum]

The paintings — dating from 1893 — suffered minor damage at the hands of thieves who had stolen them from ‘The Munch Museum’ “in broad daylight” in front of stunned tourists on 2004-08-22. (more…)

Islam Slam Opera 2006-09-26

Posted by Dave in Humanities, Intolerance.
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A Berlin opera company cancelled a Mozart production over security fears (more…)