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Latest Scottish Terrorist Threat 2006-09-10

Posted by clype in Intolerance, Scotland.

On Sunday a Scottish terrorist organisation threatened to poison England’s public water supply, endangering hundreds of thousands of lives.

‘The Scottish National Liberation Army’, dedicated to Scottish independence, made the threat in an e-mail to ‘The Sunday Times of London’ office in Glasgow, Scotland.

‘Our aim is to poison water supplies in England, not in the entire UK,’ the e-mail said.

‘We have the means to do this and we shall.

‘This is a war and we intend to win it.’

Police said the e-mail came from a Canadian server, the newspaper said.

Britain’s ‘Home Office’ also launched an investigation after the banned group’s political wing published instructions on how to contaminate the water supply with toxic chemicals.

The group is accused of having sent hundreds of letter bombs to members of Parliament as well as Princess Diana in 1983 and then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.



1. freedom - 2006-09-23

Scotland needs independence the SNLA are fighting for it praise them

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