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Meteor Causes Panic 2006-09-12

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest.

A meteor has streaked across a large swathe of New Zealand’s South Island, creating a sonic boom which sent people running from their workplaces and homes, witnesses said.

The loud boom was heard over northern and central parts of the South Island shaking buildings and rattling windows, reports said.

Mr.Kevin Graham was working in his garage workshop southwest of the city of Christchurch, when he heard the boom.

He spoke to his wife in Christchurch, who had run outside because she thought the building she was in was going to collapse.

‘I ran outside because I thought my place was going to collapse as well,’ he said.

Mr.Matthew Miller, who was working outdoors at Ashburton, south of Christchurch, said he saw a fireball streak across the sky, although he did not hear the sonic boom reported by witnesses in areas further north.

‘There was this really bright comet shooting across the sky,’ Mr.Miller told state radio.

‘I saw it for about a second, it was travelling so fast and covered so much ground.’

The resident superintendent of Canterbury University’s Mount John Observator Mr.Alan Gilmour
, said meteors were reported every few years.

‘All the reports suggest it was a pretty standard meteor but large and low,’ he told state radio, adding it most likely broke up in the atmosphere.



1. Bobby Stanley - 2009-03-30

I live in Chesapeak near the NC border. Around 8:00 pm last night I heard a very loud house rattling BOOM! I ran outside to put some things away, anticipating an incoming storm. Much to my surprise, the stars were out. Then late last night, midnight or later, my dog’s started barking. I went out and though I saw a green flash on the ground in the shape a small person. Although it scared me, I went to sleep.. This morning, my dogs started speaking in a strange, unknow language and ate all of my reeses peices. I think there’s something to this…..

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