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Law Cracks Down on Street Sex Trade 2006-09-18

Posted by clype in Health, Intolerance, Scotland.

Plans to reform the laws on street prostitution have been unveiled by ‘The Scottish Executive’.

For the first time, kerb crawlers in cars and others buying sex services on the street will be open to prosecution in the same way as prostitutes.

Soliciting for sex will no longer be an offence. The onus will be placed on causing public nuisance or offence.

Deputy Public Service Reform Minister Mr.George Lyon said the bill would update unfair legislation on prostitution.

Criminal offence

As he published ‘The Prostitution (Public Places) (Scotland) Bill’, The Deputy Public Service Reform Minister said:

[Picture of George Lyon]
‘The current legal situation only criminalises women who sell sexual services — not the men who buy the services.

‘There is a need to redress this balance to protect communities from anti-social behaviour arising from street prostitution, whether caused by the seller or purchaser.

‘Under this new legislation both buyers and sellers of sex who cause nuisance will be committing a criminal offence.’

The Deputy Public Service Reform Minister said the change to the legislation was part of a response to an expert group’s report on street prostitution.

He added that endng prostitution required ‘local solutions in response to local needs’.

‘The Scottish Executive’ has been working with local authorities to develop guidance to help them tackle street prostitution in their areas.




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