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Squinty Clyde Arc Protest 2006-09-19

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Intolerance, Scotland.

Protestors disrupted the official opening of a new 20 million GBP road bridge across the River Clyde in Glasgow.

Residents opposing the extension of parking restrictions demonstrated at the opening of ‘The Clyde Arc’.

Restrictions will be extended from 0800 BST to 1800 BST five days a week to 0800 BST to 2200 BST over seven days.

Local singer-songwriter Ms.Carol Laula, 42, said:

[Picture of Carol Laula]
‘The restrictions are being brought in in scurrilous fashion; no-one has been consulted.’

The bridge was opened by Glasgow City Council Leader Mr.Steve Purcell and Mr.Willie Haughey, chairman of Scottish Enterprise Glasgow.

‘Historic day’

As Mr.Purcell spoke, one placard-waving protester got on to the stage, only to have his placard removed.

The protester, Dr John Hinton, said:

‘It was the sort of behaviour you would expect to see in a totalitarian state; it was almost a repeat of what happened at the Labour party conference.’

Dr Hinton added:

‘I organise a baroque music group and we play for charity.

‘We’ve been meeting for 15 years in St Vincent Crescent and the cost to my friends will be 1 760 GBP/year in total — an appalling imposition by the council.’

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said:

‘The opening of “The Clyde Arc”, which was being enjoyed by school children and the local community, was about celebrating the history of the city and looking forward to a new and exciting vision for the future.

‘We are disappointed, therefore, such an historic day has been disrupted by a small group of protestors.’



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