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Missing Suspect’s fake ID, Body Found in Church 2006-09-29

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Police investigating the disappearance of a Polish student in Glasgow have found a body concealed within the church where she was last seen.

Police said they had not yet identified the body and a post mortem examination was expected to take place on Saturday to establish the cause of death.

[Picture of Angelika Kluk]Ms.Angelika Kluk, a 23-year-old student, had been living at St Patrick’s Church in the Anderston area of the city.

She was reported missing on Monday after she failed to turn up for work.

Potential risk

Police said the body was discovered at 2000 BST on Friday, after a detailed search of the church premises.

Earlier on Friday, police revealed that the man last seen with Ms.Kluk was a registered sex offender.

  • The man previously thought to be Patrick McLaughlin was identified as 60-year-old Peter Tobin.

[Picture of Peter Tobin]Mr.Tobin had been doing odd jobs in the church for the past six weeks.

Strathclyde Police said his last known address was in the Paisley area. Mr.Tobin was considered a potential risk to members of the public.

Ms .Kluk
was on a working holiday to fund her studies at ‘the University of Gdansk’. She was due to return home on 2006-10-02 and had bought her ticket.

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