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Hell Phones! 2006-09-26

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Wired News Article by Momus

I don’t have a cell phone. In fact, I’m here today to tell you that they’re the work of the devil. Switch yours off for five minutes and I’ll explain why.


The 2006 Merchant City Festival 2006-09-25

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Humanities, Scotland.
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Tens of thousands of people attended an international festival over five-days in Glasgow’s ‘cultural quarter’.

‘The 2006 Merchant City Festival’ saw 300 hundred events held in 70 venues including restaurants and bars. (more…)

Spinach Stops Blindness 2006-09-25

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Spinach, noted for making cartoon sailor ‘Popeye’ strong, may also help to ward off a common cause of blindness.

A team at ‘The University of Manchester‘ believe eating the vegetable may protect the eyes from ‘Age-related Macular Degeneration‘ (AMD).


How Much Money Would Make You Happy? 2006-09-25

Posted by clype in Health, Money, Statistics.
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The true ‘cost of happiness’ is today confirmed at 2 658 144 GBP by research carried out for Yahoo! Personal Finance among 2 500 people of working age. (more…)

WW-2 Unexploded Bomb Found! 2006-09-25

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Royal Navy explosives disposal experts have been called in to examine what is suspected to be a World War II mine found in ‘The Firth of Forth’.

Coastguards alerted the Navy team after the crew of a fishing vessel reported snagging the ordnance in its gear, off Methil in Fife.

It is understood the mine will be blown up in the sea if it is found to be live.

The Forth Coastguard said the mine had to be dealt with ‘very carefully’.

Dotmobi Available 2006-09-25

Posted by clype in Gizmo, Humanities, Money.
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The mobile web is about to receive the biggest shake-up in years with the start of open registration for mobile phone-specific website addresses.

The general public can now register websites ending with .mobi (dotmobi) as the backers of the mobile net hope to overturn consumer apathy.


Stroke Victims New Vision Hope 2006-09-25

Posted by clype in Gizmo, Health, Scotland.
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Scientists at ‘The University of Aberdeen’ have unveiled a breakthrough which they say could help the vision of thousands of people recovering from a stroke.

Until now it was thought little could be done for the resulting eye condition, cortical blindness, which can leave victims struggling to read.

  • However, scientists have been stimulating the surviving nerves.


Replacing Primary Schools Continues 2006-09-25

Posted by clype in Glasgow.
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Eleven new primary schools are to be built by Glasgow City Council  at a cost of more than 83 million GBP. (more…)

Boy Sees Gang Kill Daddy 2006-09-25

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Intolerance.
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A man was stabbed to death in front of his 11-year-old son after trying to break up a gang fight near his home. (more…)

Anonymous Browsing: ‘Torpark’ 2006-09-20

Posted by clype in Gizmo, Intolerance.
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Web users worried about privacy can now use a modified version of ‘Firefox’ that lets them browse the net anonymously. The ‘Torpark’ browser (more…)