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Big Brother 9 for Mainstream? 2006-10-28

Posted by clype in Humanities.
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‘Endemol’ are reportedly increasing the asking price for the ninth series of ‘Big Brother’ by 30 million GBP.


Which Toilet for Drag Queen MP? 2006-10-28

Posted by clype in Europe, Intolerance.
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An Italian opposition MP and former showgirl has expressed outrage after meeting a ‘transgender’ colleague in the parliament’s ladies’ toilets. (more…)

CopyRight Laws need Updated 2006-10-28

Posted by clype in Gizmo, Humanities, Intolerance, Money.

Copyright laws are ‘out of date’ and must be updated so MP3 player users can make copies of CDs without breaking the law, according to a ‘think tank’.


Seven EU Members will fail to meet Kyoto Targets 2006-10-27

Posted by clype in Europe, Intolerance, Science.
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Seven ‘European Union’ (‘EU’) members expect to overshoot their targets fur cutting ‘greenhouse gas emissions’ under ‘The Kyoto Protocol’, ‘The European Commission’ has said.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain will be unable to reach their targets, according to a report from European Environmental Agency, published by ‘The European Commission‘ on Friday.


Danger in Crushing up Pills 2006-10-26

Posted by clype in Discovery, Health, Intolerance, Science.
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Crushing pills to make them easier to swallow can cause serious side-effects that can sometimes be fatal, experts have warned.

The group, including pharmacists and lawyers, says pills often have special coatings that affect how they are released into the body. Crushing them can mean this complex system is disturbed. (more…)

Insulin Mist is a Hit 2006-10-26

Posted by clype in Gizmo, Health, Science.
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A Scottish scientist has won a major award for a treatment which could allow diabetics to inhale insulin. (more…)

Instant Translator Uses Muscle Probes 2006-10-26

Posted by clype in Gizmo, Humanities, Science.
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A ‘Tower of Babel’ device that gives the illusion of being bilingual is being developed by US American scientists. Users simply have to silently mouth a word in their own language for it to be translated and read out in another.

The researchers said the effect was like watching a television programme that had been dubbed. (more…)

Car Efficiency Target Trouble 2006-10-25

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Europe, Science, Statistics.
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Three-quarters of Europe’s car brands are failing to improve fuel efficiency fast enough to meet a key European emissions target, a study has claimed.

The top performer on fuel efficiency was ‘Fiat’; while ‘Nissan’ came bottom of the table. (more…)

Apple Monopoly Faltering? 2006-10-25

Posted by clype in Gizmo, Money.
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The code that prevents music downloaded from ‘ Apple’s ‘iTunes’ store being played on any portable player other than an ‘iPod’ has been ‘cracked’.

Apple‘ has not commented on claims (more…)

Train Defecator Sought 2006-10-23

Posted by clype in Health, Intolerance.

[Picture of the choo choo pooer]A man has been defecating in trains across south-east England, causing damage costing 60000GBP to repair. ‘British Transport Police’ have released CCTV images of the man, who has struck on at least 30 trains since 2006-08. He waits until he is alone before committing the offence, smearing excrement inside carriages. (more…)