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Supermarket Brand Software 2006-10-01

Posted by clype in Gizmo.

‘Tesco Supermarket’ is to launch a range of budget own-brand PC software, in a move that will pitch the grocery giant against the likes of ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Symantec’.

The company said it would offer six packages, including:

  • office software;
  • security systems; and
  • a photo editing tool.

Britain’s biggest retailer said each title would cost less than 20 GBP, challenging what it described as the current ‘high’ price of PC software.

‘Tesco Supermarket’ has been pushing aggressively into the market for non-food goods.

In 2006-09, the firm announced it was launching a new home shopping service for a range of 8 000 items including sofas, bikes, golf clubs and cameras — taking the supermarket into direct competition with retailers such as ‘Argos’.

Analysts expect ‘Tesco Supermarket’ to announce half-year profits later this week of more than 1 000 million GBP.

More choice

‘Tesco Supermarket’ said its own-brand software range, which will also include a CD/DVD burning tool, would be available in 100 of its stores from later in 2006-10.

The supermarket group said it had developed the range of titles with software firm ‘Formjet’.

‘When it comes to software there is little choice and prices are high,’ said ‘Tesco Supermarket’ buyer Mr.Daniel Cook.

‘Our new range of software changes this, bringing choice and value to the market that has offered little of either for too long.’

Biggest player

The UK’s computer software market is currently worth about  8 500 million GBP, according to ‘Tesco Supermarket’.

The software and home shopping services are the latest in a growing list of non-food products offered by ‘Tesco Supermarket’, which also includes finance and insurance packages and phone and broadband services.

‘Tesco Supermarket’s’ successful move into retail areas not previously associated with supermarkets has helped the firm hold on to its position as Britain’s dominant retailer.

The latest data published last month by market retail analysts TNS Worldpanel showed that ‘Tesco Supermarket’ had a 31.4 per cent  share of the UK grocery market, followed by ‘Asda Supermarket’ with a 16.4 per cent  and ‘Sainsbury’s Supermarket’ with 15.9 per cent .



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