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Costa Holidays 2006-10-07

Posted by clype in Money, Statistics.

Britons are set to spend a total of 97 300 million GBP on holidays this year, according to a survey by ‘Axa Insurance’.

The study looked at all aspects of holiday costs, such as hotels, car hire and travel insurance.The cost of booking holidays will total 45 000 million GBP, while holidaymakers are set to get through 29 000 million GBP of spending money and will ‘fork out’ 7 000 million GBP on new clothes.

45000 million GBP booking holiday
29000 million GBP spending money
7000 million GBP new clothes
4400 million GBP tours and excursions
4200 million GBP travel insurance
2400 million GBP holiday toiletries
2200 million GBP car hire
1600 million GBP holiday equipment (tents, toys etc)
1500 million GBP electrical equipment
Source: Axa

Trips in the UK and Republic of Ireland were the most popular, attracting 22.4 million people, the study says.
In second place was Spain with 12.2 million UK holidaymakers, followed by France in third place with 8.3 million.

The next most popular destinations were Italy, the USA, Greece, Canada, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand.

‘Axa’ said 50 per cent of Britons took between one and three holidays a year, while one in 10 treated themselves to four or five breaks.

In addition, it found 2.1 million people had more than five holidays a year.



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