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Seven EU Members will fail to meet Kyoto Targets 2006-10-27

Posted by clype in Europe, Intolerance, Science.

Seven ‘European Union’ (‘EU’) members expect to overshoot their targets fur cutting ‘greenhouse gas emissions’ under ‘The Kyoto Protocol’, ‘The European Commission’ has said.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain will be unable to reach their targets, according to a report from European Environmental Agency, published by ‘The European Commission‘ on Friday.

Under ‘The Kyoto Protocol’, the ‘EU’s’ 15 oldest members are committed to reducing their collective emissions in the 2008-2012 period to eight percent below their 1990 levels.

According to the latest projections, the ‘EU-15’ will reach their ‘greenhouse gas target’ only if all their plans for cutting emissions are implemented, the commission warned.

‘These projections show there is no room for complacency or error,’ Environment Commissioner Mr.Stavros Dimas said.

With existing polices and measures, the ‘EU-15’ will reduce their emissions by only 0.6 percent and therefore a host of other measures, including carbon credits foreseen by ‘The Kyoto Protocol’, were needed to lift the figure.

‘All member states must pull their weight to ensure that we deliver on our collective commitment,’ the Greek commissioner said.

‘Those that are not on track urgently need to step up efforts to meet their targets, if necessary by taking further national measures to reduce emissions,’ he added.


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