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CopyRight Laws need Updated 2006-10-28

Posted by clype in Gizmo, Humanities, Intolerance, Money.

Copyright laws are ‘out of date’ and must be updated so MP3 player users can make copies of CDs without breaking the law, according to a ‘think tank’.

The Institute for Public Policy Research‘ (‘The IPPR’) argues that consumers’ rights should be improved with a ‘new private right to copy’.

It is also calling on the government to reject demands for the music copyright term to be extended beyond 50 years.

‘The IPPR’ recommendations are ahead of a review of intellectual property laws commissioned by Chancellor of The Exchequer Mr.Gordon Brown.

  • ‘The IPPR’ report, published on Sunday, says millions of consumers break the law every year by copying CDs and DVDs on to their computers. It is calling for changes to the centuries-old copyright laws.

Technological progress

‘The IPPR’ deputy director Mr.Ian Kearns said:

‘British copyright law is out of date with consumer practices and technological progress.

He said giving people a ‘private right to copy’ would allow them to legally copy their own CDs and DVDs on to home computers, laptops and phones.  Mr.Kearns said:

‘When it comes to protecting the interests of copyright holders, the emphasis the music industry has put on tackling illegal distribution and not prosecuting for personal copying, is right.

‘But it is not the music industry’s job to decide what rights consumers have.

‘That is the job of government.’

The report also argues that there is no evidence the current 50-year copyright term is insufficient.

The music industry is campaigning to extend the copyright term in sound recordings to 95 years.



1. angry - 2006-11-03

I did not know that copying the CDs you already own was illegal, man that’s fucked up.

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