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All Chinese People Look The Same Says Judge 2006-10-23

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A sheriff who claimed that all Chinese people look the same at first glance has received community groups’ support. (more…)


Digital Music Awards 2006 2006-10-22

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There were 19 awards presented at the refurbished Roundhouse venue in London’s Camden borough, 13 of which were voted for by music fans via www.dma06.com and six of which were decided by a panel of experts.

The full list of DMA winners is, as follows:

Best Pop Artist in association with ‘TV Hits’ : Lily Allen;
Best Rock Artist in association with ‘HMV’: ‘Muse’;
Best Urban Artist in association with Touch: ‘Lemar;
Best Electronic Artist or DJ in association with Mixmag: ‘Lorraine’;
Best Unsigned Artist in association with ‘Channel4.com/music’: ‘The Wonderfuls’. (more…)

Dumbarton Rock Climb Movie Premiere 2006-10-20

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Humanities, Scotland.
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A new film about one of the world’s toughest rock climbs premieres in Edinburgh this weekend.

‘E11’ documents climber Mr.Dave Macleod’s attempt to scale a sheer cliff face, which he has since named ‘Rhapsody’, at ‘Dumbarton Rock’ near Glasgow. (more…)

Borders Deaths Double 2006-10-20

Posted by clype in Intolerance, Science.
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A ‘crackdown’ has been unveiled on irresponsible driving in Dumfries & Galloway after an ‘appalling’ rise in fatalities on the region’s roads.

  • Over the past six months there have been 10 deaths, which is double the number for the same period a year ago.
  • There has also been a 20 per cent increase in the number of serious injuries.


Ad Makers Paint Bomb Glasgow 2006-10-20

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Humanities, Scotland.

‘Sony’s’ 2005 advert ‘Balls’ was a major event in advertising.

It was a major event in San Francisco too, since the company decided not to use computer-generated graphics to create the effect of a quarter of a million balls bouncing through the city’s steep hillside streets; it decided to use real balls and real streets.

A good deal of chin-scratching must have gone on when it was decided to make a follow-up. What new interpretation could be used? Bouncy balls in another setting, perhaps? Or a different item in San Francisco? (more…)

Get out of Dundee Free Card 2006-10-20

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Plans to replace the ‘Go to Jail’ penalty square with ‘Go to Dundee’ on an Aberdeen version of ‘Monopoly’ have been dropped.

The games makers, ‘Hasbro’, ditched the idea at the last minute after protests from ‘The City of Discovery’.

The game will feature Aberdeen landmarks in place of the familiar London ones — ‘Marischal College’ has scooped the coveted ‘Mayfair’ slot.

Designer Mr.Mark Marriot admits admits the move was a suggestion too far.

Latest House Price Index 2006-10-20

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House prices in Scotland are rising at nearly twice the UK national rate, according to new research.The Bank of Scotland’s quarterly house price index found that prices were rising by an average of 14 per cent/year.

The survey also suggested that the average house price north of the border was almost 123 000GBP.

However, it also found that the typical home in Scotland cost less than half the price of an average home in Greater London.

The bank’s index confirmed that Edinburgh continued to have the highest prices in Scotland.

It also suggested that some of the biggest rises were to be found in Oban and Kilmarnock.

The only town in Scotland where the average price of a home was less than 100 000GBP was Lochgelly in Fife. (more…)

More Chess at Nurseries! 2006-10-13

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Children as young as 3 are to be taught chess at up to 50 nurseries in an effort to improve their concentration and mental dexterity. (more…)

New Type of Mouse Discovered 2006-10-13

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A new species of mammal — a mouse with unusually large ears and eyes — has been discovered on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. It is the first new mammal species to be found in Europe in over a century, the researchers claim. (more…)

Wonder Gel Stops Bleeding 2006-10-10

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Swab a clear liquid onto a gaping wound and watch the bleeding stop in seconds. An international team of researchers has accomplished just that in animals, using a solution of ‘protein molecules’ that self-organise on ‘the nanoscale’ into a ‘biodegradable’ gel that stops bleeding.

If the material works as well in humans, it could save thousands of lives and make surgery far easier in many cases, surgeons say. (more…)