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Possibly The Most Expensive Painting Ever? 2006-11-03

Posted by clype in Humanities, Money.

It may well be the world’s most expensive painting — ever.

[Picture of Pollock’s No5]Jackson Pollock’s painting ‘No. 5, 1948’ has been owned by some of the world’s richest men over the years, including S. I. Newhouse Jr., the New York publishing magnate, who had sold it to Mr.Geffen.

The 140 million USD / 73.37 million GBP price would be the highest ever for a painting, topping the 135 million USD/ 70.75 million GBP that cosmetics heir Mr.Ronald S. Lauder paid in 2006-06 for a Gustav Klimt painting titled ‘Adele Bloch-Bauer I.’

‘No. 5, 1948’ is part of a series the New York expressionist created in the 1940s in his trademark ‘drip’ style. A rich, brownish-yellow mess, measuring 1200 x 2400, the work was painted on fibreboard.

Worldwide Head of Contemporary Art for Sotheby’s auction house Mr.Tobias Meyer, is said to have brokered the deal, according to ‘The New York Times’, which cited unnamed art experts familiar with the sale. The buyer reportedly is Mr.David Martinez, the Mexican financier who recently bought an apartment in Manhattan’s new Time Warner Center for 54.7 million USD/ 28.67 million GBP.

Officials at Sotheby’s would not confirm the sale, saying that they do not comment on private transactions.

Last month, Mr.Geffen sold a Jasper Johns painting and another by Willem de Kooning, both for more than 143 million USD/ 74.94 million GBP.



1. anton - 2006-11-03

omg what a dogs breakfast

2. Portrait Painting - 2006-11-24

Wow!!! The most expensive thing indeed!

I checked out the painting and found that it’s like a combination of colors, textures and lines. There was no portrait, object or even anything worth remembering out of it. I wonder why it costs a fortune?


3. ziz - 2006-11-30

Go abstract. The most expensive art is not real art but no subject art.

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