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Fair Rescue 2006-11-07

Posted by clype in Scotland.

Rescue services have freed 18 people who were trapped upside down on a fairground ride at Strathclyde Country Park, in Hamilton.

Fire and ambulance crews released the riders, aged between eight and 27, within two hours of a mechanical fault, which happened just before 2100 UTC.

The revellers had to be freed in pairs from the ride, where they were stuck 6 metres above the ground.

Everyone was removed from the ride by 23:00 UTC, ‘Strathclyde Police’ said.

Most of the people were believed to be suffering from dizziness. One teenager was taken to hospital suffering from hypothermia.

  • It is understood the young people had been hanging upside down for half an hour before engineers managed to free the mechanism that enabled the passengers to be brought upright.

‘Strathclyde Fire Brigade’ used lines to steady the ride and turn it round in stages to bring each group of passengers close to the ground.

Firefighters also used ladders to bring people to safety.

Mr.Ronnie Nesbit, whose daughters were trapped, has expressed anger about the entire incident.

‘My daughters were here and my son and I got a phone call saying the two of them were stuck up there,’ he said.

‘I think the information passed across to the likes of parents like myself — got “pushed from pillar to post” by the police again, and there was just no information coming across.’

Meanwhile, health and safety officials are due to make a full inspection of the ride.



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