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Goya Painting Stolen 2006-11-17

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Humanities, Money.

[Picture of Children With A cart by Goya]A painting by Spanish master Goya has been stolen while en route across the USA, two museums have announced.

The work was stolen near Scranton, Pennsylvania, said a joint statement issued by New York’s ‘Guggenheim Museum‘ and Ohio’s ‘Toledo Museum of Art‘.

The 228-year-old work, ‘Children with a Cart’, was to be displayed in Toledo Museum of Art at an exhibition due to open this week.

Painted in 1778, the work is insured for more than 1 million USD (c.528 000 GBP). The US American government’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (‘The FBI’) is said to be investigating the theft.

According to the museums, the painting was being carried by a professional art transporter at the time of its disappearance.

The insurer is offering a reward of about 26 500 GBP for information leading to its recovery, they added.

Francisco de Goya (1746/1828) is considered one of the world’s greatest artists and one of the first ‘modern’ painters. ‘Children with a Cart’ depicts four colourfully-dressed children and a wooden cart at the base of a dark tree, with a billowing cloud in the background.



1. Portrait Painting - 2006-11-18

I’ve seen similar ad at bloggingohio.com and it really worries me that most people are now becoming more and more obsessed with paintings that they would just steal one from a gallery. But did you know that the FBI already has an idea that this was about to be trucked to a certain gallery? I guess you should update your post now and research for this specific place where this painting shall be trucked.


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