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Unluckiest Monday the 27th 2006-11-27

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This could be your unlucky day. ‘Monday the 27th’ has, it seems, overtaken ‘Friday the 13th’ as the date on which the more suspicious among us should avoid the likes of job interviews, weddings and driving tests.

The date has been identified by AA Insurance as the most ill-starred on the calendar, with more mishaps recorded than at any other.
The trend emerged from a study of more than one million insurance claims, showing more people are likely to have accidents on ‘Monday the 27th’ than on any other day. Domestic disasters, including burst water pipes and DIY problems, feature heavily on the lists.

One man put his foot through the ceiling on a 27th while collecting Christmas decorations from the loft, while a woman left a tap running, causing her bath to overflow and flood the house. In another case, a cat knocked over a candle, setting the house ablaze.

Road accidents were also common on that date. The mishaps of unlucky British drivers included crashes in car parks, branches falling on cars and accidents caused by people trying to avoid animals.

The Managing Director of AA Insurance Mr.Kevin Sinclair said:

‘”Friday the 13th” is associated with bad luck, but our records show you’re statistically more likely to have an accident or break something on “Monday the 27th”.’

He also warned that those dates in the winter months could be particularly dangerous due to stormy weather, wet, leaf-covered roads and the fact it gets dark so early.

Senior psychology lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University Ms.Cynthia Mcvey said the research could suggest people tend to be more careful on ‘Friday the 13th’ because of their superstitious beliefs.

‘Possibly it tells us that people who are of a nervous disposition and are anxious about “Friday the 13th” may tend not to leave the house or drive their cars, reducing the chance of accidents,’ she said.

‘It also makes sense that accidents are more likely to happen on a Monday, because people feel stressed as they face the week ahead. They also might have had a heavy weekend and be tired or hungover.

‘The 27th is quite often the day before pay day for a lot of people, so you could speculate that people might be anxious and distracted because they have ‘maxed out’ their credit cards and are waiting to be paid.’

  • Despite the increasing secularisation of British society, research suggests many people still act on superstitious beliefs.

Last year, a poll showed a third of Britons would refuse to move house on ‘Friday the 13th’.

‘Superstitious behaviours can be appealing because they allow people to feel more in control of their lives,’ Ms.Mcvey said.

‘It is linked with the sense that life has a mystical element — a feeling that we are more than molecules bound by science to the earth.’

Those planning to stay in bed today should rest assured — the next Monday the 27th is not until next August.



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