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Work Coming Between Lovers 2006-11-23

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Couples are ‘seriously jeopardising’ their relationships by putting work ahead of their personal lives, a new report has found.In a survey of more than 1 000 workers, almost half admitted they put more time and effort into their relationships with office colleagues than with their partners.



Capital is UK’s Best Farmers’ Market 2006-11-23

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You may consider it an early start to get to the farmers’ market for 09:00, but the next time you visit to pick up your organic sausages, spare a thought for the farmers who are already halfway through their working day.

Ms.Nichola Fletcher, co-founder of the venison producer ”Fletcher of Auchtermuchty, in Fife, begins every Saturday with a 05:00 pie collection from a local bakery, before travelling to Edinburgh to set up her stall. But her sleep deprivation — and that of 60 other producers — has been marked by UK-wide recognition.

”Country Life magazine has named Edinburgh as Britain’s favourite farmers’ market, it was revealed yesterday. (more…)

Motorists Instant Fingerprint ID check 2006-11-22

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Drivers who get stopped by the police could have their fingerprints taken at the roadside, under a new plan to help officers check people’s identities.

A hand-held device is linked to a database of 6.5 million prints and is being tested by 10 forces in the country of England & Wales only. (more…)

Internet Christmas Shopping From Gourock 2006-11-22

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This is the 21st century version of ‘Santa’s grotto’. Between now and Christmas Eve, more than 150 000 gifts, from Jamie Oliver cookbooks to ‘Dr Who’ board games, will pass through this vast warehouse, on their way from the factory to the table under the tree.

Five times the size of a football pitch, it is Scotland’s biggest contribution to the on-line shopping boom — a consequence of our demand for an easier, cheaper alternative to the high street shop.


Offers Over vs Gazumping 2006-11-22

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The merits of Scotland’s housing market are a matter of perspective.

To the seller the ‘offers over’ system allows homeowners to engender competition and gain the highest price possible.

But buyers face a blind auction if a property goes to a closing date. The prospect of losing out, and money spent on a survey, is real.

However all are in agreement that (more…)

London Bombings: Lessons Learned 2006-11-22

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Emergency communication systems have been improved following the 7 July bombings, a review committee has heard.

Police, fire and ambulance services are rolling out new digital radios to reduce reliance on mobile cell phones.

Poor communication was considered to have hampered the rescue operation, a London Assembly report said in June.

Springsteen Brings NI Politicians Together! 2006-11-22

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In the end it didn’t take ‘The St.Andrews Agreement’ or threats from Peter Hain.

Ian Paisley Junior finally found something in common with Gerry AdamsBruce Springsteen.

The man they call ‘The Boss’ may still be blissfully unaware of what he has achieved.


EU Calls for Fairer Excise Duty 2006-11-22

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Get to Dover early. Drive onto ferry. Arrive Calais. Drive off ferry. Grab some lunch. Fill boot of car with booze and fags. Drive back to ferry. Sail home.

A booze cruise is not everybody’s idea of the perfect European getaway, but this year millions of Britons will make a similar trip in order to take advantage of cheaper excise duties charged on tobacco and alcohol.

A ruling expected on 2006-11-23 at ‘The European Court of Justice‘ could change all that.

Cell phones as Concert Tickets? 2006-11-21

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Mobile cell phones are closer to becoming ‘smart wallets’, following agreement among mobile operators on an approach to Near Field Communications (NFC) — which is a short-range wireless technology like Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID tags), which are used to track stock by retailers.

The tags inside phones could have personal information stored in them and so could act as car keys, money, tickets and travel cards.


Dating Colleagues 2006-11-20

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‘Can you mix Business and Sex’ — an article by Sam Jordison

If asked to describe the ideal dating agency, I’d probably come up with something remarkably similar to the average British office. No, please, bear with me.