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Calls For ExPat Museum 2006-12-28

Posted by clype in Humanities, Scotland.

MSP Mr.Kenny Macaskill (SNP, Lothians) has called for a new national museum to be created in Edinburgh to record the accomplishments of Scottish emigrants such as philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. He said there were up to 80 million people across the world who claimed to be of Scottish descent, and such a museum would make Edinburgh the centre for Scots around the world.

The Lothians MSP (Member of the Scottish Parliament) added that rather than mourning the loss of famous ex-pats such as actor Sir Sean Connery, the nation should celebrate their achievements and pay a fitting tribute to them.

Kenny Macaskill
‘There are only around five million people in Scotland, yet between 40 and 80 million people worldwide claim Scottish descent or some Scottish identity.

‘Emigration is almost part of what defines being Scottish and hardly a family exists in Scotland without a near relative south of the border or abroad.’

‘There is little recognition in Scotland of the histories, journeys and achievements of the Scottish diaspora.

‘There should therefore be a museum of the Scottish diaspora established, recording the journeys they made and the achievements they had around the globe.’




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