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Fraud Hits Record Level 2007-01-30

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Accountancy firm KPMG estimate that Scottish fraud in 2006 amounted to about 50 million GBP — almost three times the 2005 total — the highest level in 20 years of official research. (more…)

Personal Details May Be At Risk 2007-01-29

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An on-line poll of 1 233 people aged 16 and over for ‘The Information Commissioner’s Office‘ (‘The ICO’) shows that people are risking identity theft by not protecting their personal details. (more…)

2007 House Values May Rise a-Grand-a-Month 2007-01-28

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There have been warnings that a string of UK interest rate rises — including a shock January hike from 5 per cent to 5.25 per cent — would cool the market with some experts predicting a correction in house prices of between 15 per cent and 20 per cent.

However, a leading ‘think-tank’ report by ‘The Centre for Economics and Business Research‘ (‘The CEBR’) said it saw no evidence that increased interest rates would hit the cost of homes, and suggested that Britain’s housing boom will continue in 2007, with average prices rising by 7.6 per cent — 1000 GBP/month. (more…)

What Next For Shilpa Shetty? 2007-01-28

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Ms.Shilpa Shetty looks like being one of the most sought-after celebrities ever to walk out of ‘The Big Brother House’

Just as well, because it certainly appears to have given a new lease of life to her career.


Hafnium -The Future For Computer Chips 2007-01-28

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‘Intel’ and ‘International Business Machines’ (‘IBM’) have announced one of the biggest advances in transistors in four decades, overcoming a frustrating obstacle by ensuring microchips can get even smaller and more powerful. (more…)

HD-DVD & Blu-Ray DVD Encryption Bypassed 2007-01-26

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When a HD-DVD movie he had bought would not play on his monitor because it did not have the compliant connector demanded by the movie industry, Hacker ‘muslix64’ got frustrated and then angry.

Not being able to play a movie that I have paid for, because some executive in Hollywood decided I cannot, made me mad,’ said hacker ‘muslix64’ in an interview on Slyck.com.

As part of the copy prevention system on high-definition DVD and Blu-ray, content providers can insist that movies will only play correctly if there are HDMI — or in some specific cases, compliant DVI — ports on the player and screen as these two connectors can handle the HDCP copy prevention system.

So at the end of 2006, (more…)

How Big Brother Stays Controversial 2007-01-26

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Channel Four’s Director of Television Mr.Kevin Lygo said that without the quarrels, Celebrity Big Brother would have been the most boring in years.

Professor Mr.David Wilson (david.wilson@uce.ac.uk), as a criminologist at ‘The University of Central England’ who worked on the show in 2003, reckons the selection policy is the key to finding incompatible, quarrelsome housemates: (more…)

Mother and son become Del Boy and Rodney 2007-01-17

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A woman and her son love ‘Only Fools and Horses’ so much they have changed their names to ‘Del Boy’ and ‘Rodney Trotter’.


France Asked for UK Merger 2007-01-16

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According to once-secret British Cabinet papers from ‘The National Archives’ — on 1956-09-10, French Prime Minister Mr.Guy Mollet visited UK Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden in London to request a union of France with the United Kingdom — and even discussed the possibility of the British Queen becoming the French ‘Head of State’. (more…)

Call To Eliminate All Traffic Signals and Signs 2007-01-10

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In the late 1970s, Dutch traffic planner Mr.Hans Monderman experienced the kind of insight that gets people sent to an asylum.

‘Let’s eliminate all traffic signals and signs and remove the divisions between the road and sidewalk where cars and people interact. There will be fewer accidents and traffic flow will improve.’