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HD-DVD & Blu-Ray DVD Encryption Bypassed 2007-01-26

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Gizmo, Intolerance.

When a HD-DVD movie he had bought would not play on his monitor because it did not have the compliant connector demanded by the movie industry, Hacker ‘muslix64’ got frustrated and then angry.

Not being able to play a movie that I have paid for, because some executive in Hollywood decided I cannot, made me mad,’ said hacker ‘muslix64’ in an interview on Slyck.com.

As part of the copy prevention system on high-definition DVD and Blu-ray, content providers can insist that movies will only play correctly if there are HDMI — or in some specific cases, compliant DVI — ports on the player and screen as these two connectors can handle the HDCP copy prevention system.

So at the end of 2006, Hacker ‘muslix64’ claimed he had accessed the encryption key which passes between certain discs and the player and turned the key off — enabling the digital content on a number of HD-DVD and Blu-ray titles titles to be played on any machine.

‘I’m just an upset customer. My efforts can be called ‘fair use enforcement.

The breach has now been officially confirmed by the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Authority — known as ‘The AACS Group‘  — the consortium backing copy prevention encryption of high definition DVDs.

They are playing it down because the entire movie industry is banking on uncopyable high-definition discs to invigorate the 24 000 million USD DVD market. 

‘It does not represent an attack on the AACS system itself,’ they said.

A spokesman for ‘The AACS Group’ said the large size of the files and the high cost of writable hi-def discs made widespread copying of the movies impractical.



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