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What Next For Shilpa Shetty? 2007-01-28

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Ms.Shilpa Shetty looks like being one of the most sought-after celebrities ever to walk out of ‘The Big Brother House’

Just as well, because it certainly appears to have given a new lease of life to her career.

Bollywood Film director, Mr.Suneel Darshan, who worked with Shilpa back in 1999 said:

‘The industry is not kind to actresses who cross the 30 age bar and I think a lot of her Bollywood future will depend on how her next release, “Metro”, performs,’ he said.

However he said her being in the news would have a positive effect on a film career.

‘A friend of mine was looking to cast an actress in his film and I said “why not Shilpa?”

‘His response was, “yes, she’s hot now”. This just gives you an idea of how suddenly a lot of people have taken notice of Shilpa Shetty, here and abroad,’ Mr Darshan said.

However, industry analyst Mr.Komal Nahta says that at present, she does not have very many projects in the pipeline

‘She might end up getting product endorsements in the UK or host shows on television’ he said

Another Bollywood Film director agrees — Mr.Deepak Tijori, who made the film ‘Fareb’ (Deceit) with her, said on the back of the Big Brother publicity, Shetty could get herself an international agent and look abroad for work but none of this would make any difference to film-makers in India.

‘The market value of an Indian actor or actress is entirely dependent on the performance of his or her last film at the box office. Nothing else matters,’ he said.

  • The 31-year-old Ms.Shetty was first noticed in 1993 when she starred in a supporting actress role opposite super star Mr.Shah Rukh Khan in the hit film ‘Baazigar’ (Player).
  • She then went on to play lead roles in films such as ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ (Me Player, You Buffoon) and ‘Dhadkan’ (Heartbeat), most of which were moderate successes.
  • However, later, she got tremendous recognition for her portrayal of an HIV sufferer in the 2004 film ‘Phir Milenge’ (Will Meet Again), which was inspired by Hollywood hit ‘Philadelphia’, it also won her nominations such as for the International Indian Film Academy Awards.

But ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ could be her biggest hit to date; none of the films she has acted in have won her the publicity or recognition that the reality TV show on Britain’s ‘Channel 4’ has.


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