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Personal Details May Be At Risk 2007-01-29

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Money.

An on-line poll of 1 233 people aged 16 and over for ‘The Information Commissioner’s Office‘ (‘The ICO’) shows that people are risking identity theft by not protecting their personal details.

  • One in Five of people had been victims of identity theft crime.
  • One in Three threw away bank statements, receipts and other personal documents without shredding or destroying them.

    This figure almost doubled — to 60 per cent among 16/25-year-olds — the age group least protective of personal details.

Identity theft involves names and other information such as address, date of birth and bank account details being stolen by fraudsters.

  • One in Four of the respondents did not regularly check bank statements for transactions which were not theirs.
  • Almost One in Two of those surveyed said they used the same PIN and passwords across different accounts.

‘The ICO’ also found that when it came to the Internet, many consumers fail to adequately protect their personal details:

  • 35 per cent of respondents make on-line debit or credit card transactions without checking the security of the site.

‘The ICO’ Deputy Commissioner Mr.David Smith said:

‘We are living in an age where protecting your personal information has never been so important.

‘Almost every day we give out our personal details which can leave us open to identity theft, unwanted marketing and a loss of privacy.’

‘The ICO’ is an independent body which promotes access to official information and the protection of personal information, and is launching a guide which advises on how to avoid identity theft.



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