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New Hydro Generator Marvel 2007-01-02

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Two Cumbrian friends have come up with an invention they claim could help consumers save thousands of pounds in energy bills.

Ian Gilmartin, 60, and Bob Cattley, 58, both from Kendal, say their mini-waterwheel could supply enough free electricity to power a house. (more…)


Tax Will Rise Each Year for 50 Years 2007-01-01

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If national debt is to be kept to under 40 per cent of national income — one of the stated aims of ‘The Chancellor Mr.Gordon Brown’ — then taxes will have to rise, according to the fine print in ‘the Treasury’s’ long-term public finance report: ‘An Analysis of Fiscal Sustainability‘, just published, because an extra 10 000 million GBP (in current terms) will be needed each year from 2013 onwards. (more…)