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New Copyright Problems for YouTube 2007-02-03

Posted by clype in Gizmo, Humanities, Intolerance, Money.

Under the USA’s copyright laws, ‘YouTube’ is immune from legal liability as long as it responds to deletion requests, so when ‘The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers‘ (‘JASRAC’) complained of copyright infringement late in 2006, ‘YouTube’ immediately deleted nearly 30 000 files.

However, because ‘youtube.com‘ is a free upload/download (sharing) site, as soon as files are deleted, they can be immediately uploaded afresh by the public. As a result most companies are attempting to strike a revenue-sharing agreement licensing deal with such sites.

For example, at the same time as the ‘JASRAC’ deletion, ‘MTV’ reached a revenue-sharing agreement licensing deal with ‘Google’ to allow their on-line video service to use ‘MTV’ clips.

However, today ‘MTV’s’ owners, ‘Viacom Inc.’ has demanded that the ‘Google’ owned ‘You Tube’ remove more than 100 000 clips that have been uploaded by the public without their prior authorisation.

‘It has become clear that “YouTube” is unwilling to come to a fair market agreement that would make “Viacom” content available to “YouTube” users.’

‘YouTube’ responded by saying:

‘[“You Tube” co-operates] with all copyright holders to identify and promptly remove infringing content as soon as we are officially notified.’

‘[It is] unfortunate that “Viacom” will no longer be able to benefit from “YouTube’s” passionate audience which has helped to promote many of “Viacom’s” shows.’


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