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Brains Can Grow! 2007-04-28

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  • Article by Professor Mr. Fernando Nottebohm, laboratory head at the Rockefeller University in New York.

There is evidence brain cells are produced in an ongoing process that could be used to repair damaged (more…)

Defending ‘Talking’ CCTV Cameras 2007-04-28

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UK Home Secretary Mr.John Reid has denied plans to expand the use of ‘talking’ Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras across the country were ‘Big Brother gone mad’. (more…)

The Filth of Forth – Spill 2007-04-22

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Scottish Water say engineers have been working ’round the clock’ in a bid to stem the flow of millions of litres of sewage into ‘The Firth of Forth’. (more…)

Beaches Bins 2007-04-20

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The amount of litter on Britain’s beaches has increased by more than 90 per cent since 1994, says an annual survey. (more…)

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate 2007 2007-04-15

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[Picture of Richard Rogers]The winner of the world’s most prestigious Architectural Prize for the year 2007 has been announced as Italian-born British architect Sir Richard George Rogers (Baron Rogers of Riverside) of the firm “Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners“. (more…)

Astronaut Marathon Runner! 2007-04-14

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‘Indian American’ astronaut Ms.Sunita Williams is all set to join ‘The Boston Marathon’ in space on Monday, where she will circle the Earth at least twice running on a treadmill. (more…)

Expensive Sex Education Programs “Ineffective” 2007-04-14

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A new study authorised by The US American Congress has found that The Federal Abstinence Education Program that encourage adolescents to abstain from having sex during their early years has proved ineffective. (more…)

Calls To Stop Pupils Bullying Teachers 2007-04-12

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The Education Secretary Mr.Alan Johnson has promised to take action to stop pupils bullying their teachers in England & Wales (more…)

Pre-eclampsia Study Finds Auto-antibody link 2007-04-12

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Women who develop pre-eclampsia during pregnancy are more likely to develop certain dangerous auto-antibodies than women with normal pregnancies, and these auto-antibodies are still present two years after childbirth in about 20 percent of women who had the disorder (more…)

Permits No Longer Needed For Solar Panels 2007-04-11

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Home-owners will not usually have to obtain planning permission when installing solar panels and other ‘green’ devices, under measures unveiled by The Communities Secretary Ms.Ruth Kelly.

Formal authorisation would not be needed for so-called ‘microgeneration’ technology if there is little or no impact on neighbouring properties. (more…)