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Angelika Trial- Father, Sister and Lover Testify 2007-04-02

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At ‘The High Court’ in Edinburgh, at the Tobin murder trial, the father of the victim was called to the stand to testify through an interpreter.

Wiping away tears, construction worker Wladyslaw Kluk, 50, the father of victim Angelika Kluk told of his last contact with his 23-year-old daughter.

‘She was a prime student. A very good student,’ he said.

‘She was going to special religious groups with the church and she was gaining a lot from being in church.’

Ms.Kluk had come to Scotland during her holidays from Gdansk University to earn enough money to fund her studies and had been given free accommodation at ‘The Chapel House’ at St Patrick’s Church in William Street, Glasgow, in return for cleaning work.

The last time he spoke to Angelika was on the phone just three days before she was reported missing.

A copy of ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ — the Harper Lee novel was found beside a desk in the Polish student’s bedroom in the staff quarters of the church. An inscription in the book read:

‘To Angela. I will always carry your song in my heart. You are my aghrai [darling]. I will always love you.’

There was also a message signed ‘Martin’ found inside the book.

Chauffeur Mr.Martin Macaskill, a married man in his 40s who the court heard was having a love affair with Angelika, took the stand on Thursday afternoon 2007-03-29.

In Angelika’s diary described their first meeting: he was driving a family of Russian tourists, for which she was acting as nanny, around Scotland in 2006-06.

‘Martin is a very nice man. It is a pity most nice men are already taken. He is not too old either, merely 40.’

Martin stared hard at the page and told the court:

‘I have never seen this before, this is a surprise to me.’

The court heard that their relationship soon became a sexual one.

‘I loved her and I still do,’ said Mr.Macaskill.

Prosecuting Advocate Depute Ms.Dorothy Bain asked Mr.Macaskill if Angelika told of her feelings for him. Mr. Macaskill replied:

‘Yes very clearly. That she loved me and described me as the most important person in her life.’

He said his wife, Anne, was ‘angry and upset’ when he told her of the affair and demanded that he stop seeing Angelika.

Prosecuting Advocate Depute:

‘You were obviously heavily involved with a young woman who was very keen on you.

‘What were you intending to do with your life?’

‘I guess we will never know.’ said Mr.Macaskill.

Mr.Macaskill described meetings with Angelika in her room at ‘The Chapel House’ and the long discussions they had about their love affair and his wife.

After one meeting, the student’s diary entry read:

‘I have never missed anyone as much as I miss Martin even though he was here just a short time ago.’

He said the last time he saw her was on 2006-09-14, the day before he went to Mallorca to join his wife.

The victim’s sister Ms.Aneta Kluk, 28, told the trial that ‘devout Catholic’ Angelika was ‘inspired’ by the parish priest and that they were close friends. Mr.Tobin’s Defence QC Mr.Donald Findlay challenged:

‘Did your sister at any time say anything to you directly to the effect that she had had, or was having, a sexual relationship with Fr.Nugent?’

‘Never,’ replied Aneta.

Defence QC:

‘So it presumably came as a considerable shock to you to discover that Fr.Nugent was claiming he and Angelika had had at some point in time a sexual relationship?’

‘It is outrageous and untrue,’ replied Aneta.

The court was shown a copy of the priest’s alleged confession to the affair printed in ‘The Mail on Sunday’ newspaper during 2007-02. Defence QC asked Aneta:

‘Did you believe in your own mind Fr.Nugent was a liar when he said he had a sexual relationship?’

‘Yes,’ Aneta said.

The trial heard that in the days leading up to Angelika’s death Fr.Nugent became ‘cold’ towards the girl and began ‘snapping’ at her.

Defence QC suggested that was because he became aware of the relationship between Angelika and Mr.Macaskill.

Aneta told the court that she was living in Glasgow and working as a secretary when her sister began to spend summer vacations in Scotland.

She told the court of her shock when she discovered Angelika was having an affair with Martin.

‘She was worth much more than that,’ she said.

  • She said the last time she saw her sister was on 2006-09-21 Thursday.

Aneta began to worry when Angelika did not respond to her attempts to contact her on her mobile cell phone.

She told the jury how Martin turned up at her Glasgow flat, worried that he had not seen or heard from her.

  • On 2006-09-25, Monday, they went together to St Patrick’s Church to look in Angelika’s room.

They found Angelika’s purse, return ticket to Poland and a last diary entry on her laptop computer, expressing her love for Mr.Macaskill.

Aneta said that the church handyman, who said his name was Pat Mclaughlin, was ‘smiling and helpful’ when police arrived on the scene later.

When asked by Prosecuting Advocate Depute Ms.Dorothy Bain if the man she knew as Mr.Mclaughlin was in court, Aneta pointed to the accused, Mr. Peter Tobin, in the dock.

‘He was hanging about at that time and padding up and down the floor,’ Aneta said.

‘I asked him where was Angelika when he saw her.’

He told her that Angelika had been in the garden but he could not remember when.

‘He did not indicate clearly what she was wearing,’ Aneta added.

She asked him whether her sister had stayed in the garden or left the church grounds.

‘He said that she had been helping him out,’ Aneta said.

‘Something about a shed, I don’t know — possibly painting.’

The court heard that they were joined by Mr.Martin Macaskill’s wife, Anne. They contacted the police who questioned those present, including the handyman.

‘I think they said he was the last one to see her,’ Aneta said.

They searched the church grounds by the light of a mobile cell phone and when they tried that night to get into Angelika’s room again but found the door had been locked. Ms. Anne Macaskill opened it by pushing the key from the lock on the inside of the door onto a sheet of paper and pulling it through.

Aneta visited the offices where she worked as a cleaner and handed out pictures of her missing sister to passers-by.

  • Police launched a media appeal but nothing was heard until a body was discovered under the church floor, near the confessional, on 2006-09-29.

Aneta was shown her sister’s earrings and a ring to identify her.

Mr.Tobin’s Defence QC Donald Findlay

‘When this young girl — who has been staying in Fr.Nugent’s chapel house, who has been staying with him on a number of occasions — has apparently disappeared, people are upset, worried, alarmed, and he lifts not a finger to help, have I got that right?’

‘Yes’, Aneta told him.

Chauffeur Mr.Martin MacAskill admitted having ‘sexual intimacy’ with Ms.Angelika Kluk at his home within a week of getting to know her.

Jurors heard that Ms.Annie Macaskill had urged her husband to sever all contact with Angelika and had hoped that she and her husband could patch things up with a trip to Mallorca in 2006-09.

But the court heard that Mr.Martin MacAskill decided he could not give up his relationship with Anglika.

Mr.Tobin’s Defence QC Mr Donald Finlay put it to the witness that his wife became ‘upset’ and ‘hurt’ to discover on their return from Mallorca that he was using with Anglika the same term of endearment he used for her, and she decided to move out of the bedroom they shared.

  • Mr.Tobin’s Defence QC said that within a number of hours of that happening, ‘Angelika Kluk was dead’.

Mr.Tobin’s Defence QC asked:

Mr.Macaskill, in your darker moments — when you have been sitting looking back on this, reflecting on all that has happened — did it never cross your mind that, it was at least possible that, your wife might have had some part to play in the death of Angelika?’

Mr.Martin MacAskill replied:

‘Never; the question — the suggestion — disgusts me.’

Mr.Macaskill told the court he returned from a trip to Mallorca with his wife late on 2006-09-23, and on 2006-09-24 he received a text message from Ms.Kluk, who he referred to as ‘Angela’.

‘She was checking to make sure I was OK,’ he said.

He replied to her text, explaining that as he was feeling unwell and had to work that day, so he would not be able to see her.

Mr.Macaskill said he received a reply from her which said:

‘I wish I could be there to tuck you in.’

He added:

‘She said I wish I could give you chicken soup, not tea.

‘She ended it by saying “I love you”.

‘That was the last text message I received from her.’

He told how later that night he had tried to phone Angelika but without success.

Mr.Macaskill said the phone had rung out before going to voicemail.

The number was engaged the next time he tried and then went straight to voicemail.

Mr.Tobin’s Defence QC asked Mr.Martin Macaskill if he had used condoms with Angelika and if they had had ‘sexual relations’ in the shower in her room.

Mr.Macaskill answered yes to both questions.

The court heard that parish priest Fr.Gerry Nugent was ‘incandescent with rage’ when he found out about Angelika’s affair with Mr.Macaskill.

On 2006-09-15 — three weeks after the priest discovered the relationship, the court heard that Angelika sent Mr.Macaskill an e-mail describing Fr.Nugent’s change in attitude. It said:

‘I sometimes feel I was like a nice teddy bear to Gerry.

‘When it was interesting to play with me everything was okay but when I stopped admiring him as much as before he just put me in the dark closet.’

Earlier, the trial heard that Fr.Nugent had claimed in a police statement and in a newspaper article that he had sex with Angelika.

Mr.Macaskill told the court he did not believe there had been such a relationship. He also said the priest did not like him.

‘Following discovery of our relationship — I think, if memory serves on 2006-08-25 — I got information from “Angela” that I was certainly no longer welcome at “The Chapel House”,’ he said.

Mr.Macaskill said the discovery had led to Fr.Nugent ‘shouting and swearing’.

‘Then he pretty much stopped speaking to her, apparently,’ he said.

Mr.Macaskill, who revealed that he still phones his former lover’s mobile cell number, told the trial:

‘The way she put it was that he felt she had betrayed his trust.

‘The fact that we were having such a relationship and it was taking place in “The Chapel House”.’

Mr.Tobin’s Defence QC asked him:

‘Did it ever cross your mind that what lay behind this was not just a moral objection, but jealousy?’

Mr.Macaskill replied:

‘No, not at that time, no.’




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