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Calls To Stop Pupils Bullying Teachers 2007-04-12

Posted by clype in Humanities, Intolerance.

The Education Secretary Mr.Alan Johnson has promised to take action to stop pupils bullying their teachers in England & Wales by posting embarrassing comments and pictures on the Internet.

The Education Secretary backed calls from ‘The Association of Teachers and Lecturers‘ (ATL) for a crackdown on so-called ‘cyberbullying’ of school staff by their pupils.

On 2007-04-10 Tuesday delegates at the ATL conference in Bournemouth backed a motion calling on The Education Secretary to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to protect the integrity of teachers.

Speaking at the conference on 2007-04-11, Wednesday, he said:

‘I would have voted for that proposition myself.

‘It must be something that is top of my agenda over the coming year.’

The union singled out the ‘YouTube’ website as one example of where pupils were posting rude images of teachers’ underwear and videos of them in embarrassing situations. A spokesman for ‘YouTube‘ said:

‘”YouTube” enables millions of young people globally to communicate with each other in new and exciting ways.

‘It’s unfortunate that this group of teachers feel this way — while many others use “YouTube” as a great educational tool.

‘Of course there is a tiny minority that uploads content which is contrary to our guidelines.

‘When this happens, the “YouTube community” is quick to flag it — we then review the videos and, where appropriate, remove them.’




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