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How to Dig a Digger Out of a River? 2007-06-01

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Scotland.

A 20 tonne digger valued at 75 000 GBP plunged down an embankment into The Clyde after being stolen by joyriders.

It’s thought the thieves escaped from the JCB Excavator just before it crashed through a metal railing and tumbled 1.8m into the water.

Building workers discovered the theft yesterday and followed tyre tracks to find the digger in the river. Fearing the joyriders had also fallen into the water they alerted police.

Divers searched the river near Polmadie Footbridge in Gorbals but found nothing. Mr.Jim Robertson, of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, said:

‘It looks like whoever stole the digger jumped clear before it went into the river.’

A police spokesman added:

‘The digger was stolen —  there was no key so it was hotwired —  and driven about the construction site before falling into the river.’

The digger was being used by Scotland Gas Networks to lay pipes for new flats as part of Oatlands Regeneration. Mr.Robertson said:

‘A crane could be brought in to lift it out of the river or the digger could be drained of fluids, such as diesel, and chopped into bits then removed piece by piece.’

Concerns have been raised by the council’s Land Services Department over damage to the embankment. Department spokesman Mr.Michael McGonigal said:

‘Thankfully the digger didn’t hit the bridge, but there are concerns about pollution problems over spilled diesel. Our priority is to get it out of the river.’

A spokesman for Scotland Gas Networks said:

‘It will not be a straightforward operation to remove the digger.

‘We are seeking advice because this is something outwith our expertise.’



1. Jimmy - 2010-03-16

Well, that’s one I haven’t heard. Construction can be held up for a number of reasons but because some idiot has made off with the excavator? Wouldn’t like to be the one who reported that!

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