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Better Value Weddings 2007-08-02

Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Europe, Money, Scotland.

It’s the most important day of your life, and probably the most expensive; the average cost of ‘tying the knot’ in the UK is now at 20000 GBP.

Tour operators say a more modest budget can be catered for and an estimated 10 per cent of couples are now heading abroad to get married, with the choice of destinations increasing considerably over the past few years; once almost all ‘weddings abroad’ took place in the Caribbean or Florida, now couples are looking closer to home.

Travel company ‘Cosmos’ says Cyprus has become its top-selling wedding destination and rival ‘Airtours’ reports a steady rise in couples wanting to get married in the Alps.

Tour operators boast that for only 139 GBP you can say ‘I do’ in faraway places such as Las Vegas or Cancun, while 300  GBP will secure you a wedding in Mauritius.

Comparative Cost Guide:

The average cost of a wedding in Britain is now 20 000 GBP, including all the basics plus contemporary features such as hiring vintage tiaras and having a chocolate fountain at the reception.

Scottish Cost

  • Wedding dress — starts at 2 000 GBP.
  • Bridesmaid dresses at 300 GBP each — 1 200 GBP.
  • Shoes for bride and bridesmaids — 600 GBP.
  • Hair and make-up for the bride — 600 GBP.
  • Vintage tiara hire — 200 GBP.
  • Suit hire for groom and best man — 300 GBP.
  • Gifts for wedding party — 500 GBP.
  • Flowers for church, wedding party and reception — 2 000 GBP.
  • Classic car hire or horse and carriage booking — 1 500 GBP.
  • Reception with a choice of menu — 10 000 GBP.
  • Wine list and champagne — 2 000 GBP.
  • Handmade favours on tables — 300 GBP.
  • Photos and video — 2 000 GBP.

Total: 23 200 GBP

Tuscan Cost:

  • Villas for 30 guests for one week in June — 4 000 GBP
  • Tuscan buffet for wedding banquet — 800GBP
  • Wedding dress — 1 340 GBP
  • Bridesmaid dresses –300GBP
  • Groom’s party suits — 1 000 GBP
  • Photographer –400 GBP
  • Video –800 GBP
  • Band –500 GBP
  • Singer hired for evening — 300 GBP
  • Church music –300 GBP
  • Ceremony –170 GBP
  • Cars — 160 GBP
  • Flowers provided free. Week at villa for honeymoon is included.

Total: 9 400 GBP



1. Spouse - 2007-08-29

Figures are interesting, especially when they compare the cost of a wedding here with one abroad. I guess getting married abroad is a little like getting married ON honeymoon, so I would tend to include the cost of the trip in order to compare costs.

That aside, it is perhaps a good idea to remember that everything should be in proportion, so a wedding should be grander the more wealthy you are. In that case, if you can get more bang for your buck being married overseas, then it would be a very good option for those on low incomes, or for couples marrying later and paying for it by themselves (why get into debt?).

Many couple actually drift apart in the run up to their wedding — the arrangements take over the focus. Thinking outside the box — such as going abroad and simplifying everything to reduce stress for the couple — can be a better start to a marriage. There can be less to go wrong, and less detail to worry about because foreigners have a cache and charm simply by being different.

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