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Jumpers For GoalPosts ‘Dangerous’ 2007-08-04

Posted by clype in Intolerance.

Children have been banned from playing football in their cul-de-sac —  because using jumpers for goalposts is ‘dangerous’.

Council officials warned parents in Glenfield, Leicestershire, they face fines of 100 GBP if the ban is ignored.

Mr.Ian Fenton, 42, who has boys aged six, seven and 12, said:

‘It’s ludicrous. They are treating our children and us as if we are criminals.

‘I asked the council if they classed jumpers for goalposts as obstructions. They said they did. They are clearly not a danger, just a frustration to some impatient individuals.’

Mr.Tim Cory, 39, who has boys of seven and nine, added:

‘If they play on the road they are safe and we all know where they are.’

But a county council spokesman claimed several complaints’ had been reported about children setting up goalposts that were blocking the road. He added:

‘The children were potentially compromising the safety of highway users and causing a nuisance to residents.

‘Such warnings would be considered only where a persistent problem is reported by residents.’



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