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British Tourist Top 10 Best & Worst 2007-08-17

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[Picture of Stonehenge]A top 10 list of the ‘most disappointing sights‘ in Britain was topped by ‘Stonehenge’, the mystical, 5 000-year-old standing stones in Wiltshire, south-west England, according to a newly published survey of 1 267 adults by Virgin Travel Insurance.

[Picture of Big Ben at Houses of Parliament, UK] [Picture of fountain in Hyde Park, London (Memorial to Diana)]

The Houses of Parliament’s clock tower, commonly called ‘Big Ben’ after the bell inside, was included, as was the ‘Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain’ in London’s Hyde Park.

[Picture of Eiffel Tower at night] [Picture of The Louvre at night] [Picture of Times Sq]

On the international list of let-downs, the ‘Eiffel Tower’ in Paris is ranked the worst, followed by the nearby ‘Louvre’ museum and ‘Times Square’ in New York.

[Picture of Alnwick castle] [Picture of Royal Cres Bath] [Picture of Reconstructed Globe Theatre, London]

Britain’s top 10 ‘must-see’ sights was topped by ‘Alnwick Castle’ in Northumberland, north-east England, with the ‘Royal Crescent’ row of Georgian houses in Bath, south-west England and the reconstructed ‘Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre’ in London in the top five.

[Picture of The Treasury at Petra] [Picture of The Grand Canal, Venice, Italia] [Picture of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve] [Picture of Sydney Harbour Bridge]

Leading the world ‘must-see’ table was ‘The Treasury at Petra’ in Jordan, the ‘Grand Canal’ in Venice, Italy, the ‘Masai Mara game park” in Kenya and ‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’.

‘It’s easy to be swayed by brochures that opt for the mainstream and focus on cliched tourist sights around the world, but many of them are overcrowded and disappointing,’ said travel expert Ms.Felice Hardy.

‘Pick carefully and don’t always go for the obvious. Natural phenomena are usually more exciting than the man-made, and can be wonderfully free of tourists.”

She branded the Eiffel Tower ‘frustratingly overcrowded and overpriced’ and said ‘Stonehenge’ was ‘an isolated pile of rocks in a usually muddy field.’

She dubbed the ‘Diana fountain’ ‘a colourless wet skateboard park’ and added of ‘Big Ben’: ‘Once you’ve seen it, you’ll know what time it is: time to go somewhere else.’

10 most disappointing sights:


1. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France;

2. The Louvre, Paris, France;

3. Times Square, New York, USA;

4. Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain;

5. Statue of Liberty, New York, USA;

6. Spanish Steps (Scalinata della TrinitĂ  dei Monti), Rome, Italy;

7. The White House, Washington, USA;

8. The Pyramids, Giza, Egypt;

9. The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany;

10. The Leaning Tower, Pisa, Italy.


1. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England;

2. Angel of the North, Gateshead, England;

3. Blackpool Tower, England;

4. Land’s End, Cornwall, England;

5. Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, London, England;

6. The London Eye, London, England;

7. The Pier, Brighton, England;

8. Buckingham Palace, London, England;

9. White Cliffs, Dover, England;

10. Big Ben, London, England.

Top 10 must-see sights:


1. The Treasury at Petra, Jordan

2. The Grand Canal, Venice, Italy;

3. The Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa;

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia;

5. Taroko Gorge, Taiwan;

6. Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia;

7. Cappadoccia caves, Turkey;

8. Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia;

9. Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia;

10. Jungfraujoch railway, Switzerland;


1. Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England;

2. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland;

3. The Royal Crescent, Bath, England;

4. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London, England;

5. The Backs, Cambridge, England;

6. Holkham Bay, Norfolk, England;

7. Lyme Regis and the Jurassic Coast, Devon and Dorset, England;

8. Tate St Ives gallery, Cornwall, England;

9. Isle of Skye, Scotland;

10. The Eden Project, Cornwall, England.



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