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Mobile Cell Phone Health Study Findings 2007-09-13

Posted by clype in Health, Statistics.

A small study found an increased risk of tumours resulting from exposure to mobile phone handset radiation, but this hasn’t been backed up by other work. On the contrary, so far, handsets and masts are perfectly safe.

This is according to an independent group of scientists at ‘The Mobile Telecommunications & Health Research Programme’ (‘The MTHR‘) who have received more than 7 million GBP from ‘The Government’ and the mobile cell telephone industry, and have been running more than a dozen studies at the same time to assess the effects on human health.

Mobile cell telephone handsets do not damage health when used for 10 years or less and there is no evidence of a link to brain cancer, according to the findings.

However, because it can take more than a decade for cancer symptoms to become detectable it is difficult to ‘say for certain’ whether handsets can cause the disease.

Mr. Mike Dolan of ‘The Mobile Operators Association’ said:

‘No scientist will ever say that something is absolutely safe; that is not the way science works.

‘What they do is look at research and tell us whether or not we can use certain products.

‘In this instance they are telling us that we can continue to use mobile phones.’

Professor Mr.Lawrie Challis, ‘The MTHR’ Chairman, said today:

‘The results are so far reassuring but there is still a need for more research, especially to check that no effects emerge from longer-term phone use from adults and from use by children.’

Anti-mast Campaigners living in the shadow of mobile phone masts, fear their health is being damaged. There are currently around 51 000 masts around the country, and in cities they can be just 200 metres apart. Although several cancer clusters have been reported, they are due to chance as one in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime anyway.



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