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Glasgow Has Smallest Ecological Footprint in UK 2007-10-23

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Science, Statistics.

The ‘Carbon Footprint‘ or CO2 emissions accounts for 70 per cent of our ‘Ecological Footprint‘, which is a combination of all things we do that draws on natural resources and is measured in global hectares per person (gha).

For example, if you live in Plymouth, your ecological footprint draws on 5.01 hectares of the world’s surface.

Winchester draws on the resources of 6.52 hectares of the world’s surface. and has the heaviest ‘ecological footprint in the UK’, according to the ‘WWF‘ report.

  • Glasgow is the city with the smallest ‘gha’ in the UK — at 5.21 (2.89 planets), compared to Edinburgh where residents’ global footprints measure 5.76 (3.2 planets).

‘We are currently depleting the earth’s natural resources quicker than it can replace them,’ explained The ‘Head of Campaigns’ at WWF, Mr.Colin Butfield.

‘The Battle for the environment will be won or lost in our cities,’ he added.

‘They have the highest potential for eco-living due to local facilities, public transport links, dense housing and shared public resources.’

The report warns that even the most ‘green’ city resident can, on average, only reduce their ecological footprint by on third.


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