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Record Prices at The Pump 2008-01-17

Posted by clype in Money.

Petrol has reached its highest ever level at 105p/litre.

It means the cost of filling up an average heavy goods vehicle has also risen from 875.00 GBP last year to 1 120 GBP.

The price of filling an average 50-litre tank of petrol is now 9.20 GBP more than this time last year, when a litre of petrol cost 87.5p.

  • The knock-on effect is that the extra cost of freight transport will be passed on to consumers through a rise in food and goods prices.

Petrol and diesel prices have gone up by between 2p and 3p per litre since oil broke through the 100-USD-a-barrel barrier on 2008-01-03, according to figures from Whatprice.co.uk, which collates the data of 1 000 petrol stations in Britain each week.

About 66p from every pound spent at the pumps is tax. Ms. Kate Gibbs, of ‘The Road Haulage Association‘, said:

‘It’s absolutely crippling our industry.

‘We have the highest fuel duty in Europe — and that looks set to rise in the spring budget.’

RAC spokesman Ms.Sheila Ranger warned the increases would set back plans to get more car owners to switch to diesel.

‘I hope the Chancellor looks again at the tax regime which is causing a lot of hardship for motorists,’ she said.

‘We want people to switch to diesel because it emits less CO2.

‘But if it’s not cheaper, people are not going to.’



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