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No Waiting in Robo Restaurant 2008-04-09

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A German inventor and chef has dispensed with the need for waiters by designing an automated restaurant.

The restaurant, in Nuremberg, has proved such a success that its owner says it’s booked up for weeks.

‘On weekends we are booked out five times a day,’ said owner and inventor Mr.Michael Mack.

‘People have a lot of fun, it’s a real event.’

Tables at the restaurant, called ‘S Baggers, are fitted with touch screen computers which customers use to send orders directly to a kitchen installed above them.

There, chefs whip up the order before placing the finished dish on a rail system, which uses the power of gravity to guide the order to the customer who placed it.

Mr.Mack said he first came up with idea 10 years ago while rushing to and from his kitchen while serving guests at a dinner party.

He has now patented the system and fielded interest from abroad, as well as the world’s biggest fast food chains.

Mr.Mack now plans to open a second automated restaurant next year. He says his idea shows how Germany’s national trait can be harnessed in the kitchen.

‘People will get more service, better food and more comfort for less money — thanks to the efficiency,’ he said.

  • `s Baggers
    Am Steinacher Kreuz 28
    D-90427 Nuremberg
    Tel. +49 (0) 911 / 477 90 90
    Fax +49 (0) 911 / 477 90 92


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