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One Nation Under CCTV – Banksy 2008-04-18

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‘Banksy’ has pulled off one of his most audacious stunts — an huge protest against Britain’s surveillance society — next to a CCTV camera.

A new graffiti artwork allegedly by Bristol-based artist ‘Banksy’ in the yard of a ‘Royal Mail’ depot in Newman Street, central London .

  • The guerrilla artist’s work is several stories high — meaning he had to erect temporary scaffolding before slipping away unnoticed.

The artwork appeared overnight on a wall above a Post Office yard off Oxford Street in London, reports the Daily Telegraph.

[Picture of the new Banksy cctv protest graffiti]It features a boy in a red jacket painting the slogan ‘One Nation Under CCTV’. His actions are filmed by a policeman next to a barking dog.

Last month a ‘Banksy’-style painting depicting two children pledging allegiance to supermarket giant ‘Tesco’ appeared on the wall of a north London pharmacy.

Famously secretive, ‘Banksy’ is believed to have only given one newspaper interview, although he has left various clues indicating he is a secondary school drop-out who was born in or around Bristol in 1974.

His works now sell for tens of thousands of pounds. A recent auction in October earned 540 000 GBP for 11 pieces, four times the pre-sale estimate.
CELEBRATED British graffiti artist Banksy has pulled off another great art stunt, painting a huge anti-CCTV work just metres from a surveillance camera, The Mirror reports.

The artwork near London’s West End features an eastern European-style policeman and his dog looking at a boy painting “One Nation Under CCTV” on a wall.


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