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Old Mums at Record High 2008-05-01

Posted by clype in Health, Statistics.

The conception rate for women aged 40 and over in ‘England & wales’ has reached a ‘record high’, according to ‘The Office for National Statistics‘ (‘The ONS’) who also said that teenage conceptions have fallen.

The latest figures show that the overall conception rate rose by nearly 3 per cent between 2005 and 2006 from 76 conceptions/1000 women aged 15/44 to 78 conceptions/1000 women aged 15/44.

The conception rate in ‘England & Wales’ rose between 2005 and 2006 for all women aged 19 and over.

The rate for women aged 40 and over increased fastest, by more than 6 per cent from 11.5/1 000 women aged 40/44 in 2005, to 12.2/1 000 women aged 40/44 in 2006.

During the same period, the ‘under-18 rate’ fell from 41.4 conceptions/1 000 girls aged 15/17 to 40.7 conceptions/1 000 girls aged 15/17.

Although the UK’s teenage pregnancy rate is the highest in Western Europe, in recent years there has been a gentle fall. The under-age conception rate also went down.

In 2006 it was 7.7 conceptions/1 000 girls aged 13/15 compared with 7.8 conceptions/1 000 girls aged 13/15 in 2005 — a decrease of 1 per cent.

There were an estimated 866 800 conceptions in the country of ‘England & Wales’ in 2006, compared with 841 800 in 2005. ‘The ONS’ said that as in previous years, nearly four-fifths of all conceptions resulted in a birth or births.

Conceptions outside marriage have increased from 47 per cent in 1995 to 56 per cent in 2006. ‘The ONS’ said that much of this increase was in conceptions where both the maternity and conception were outside marriage but the birth was registered by both parents.



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