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A Third Don’t Wash Hands After Toilet 2008-11-18

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People from the north of England were up to three times more likely to have hands contaminated with pooh than southerners a study has found. (more…)

The Riverside Museum of Transport, Glasgow 2008-11-16

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[Graphic of The Riverside Museum of Transport Glasgow from above]Seven clipped stories chronologically charting the progress of ‘The Riverside Museum’ (the new museum of transport for Glasgow). From the initial report late in 2004 (Museum of Transport, Glasgow, Scotland) through to the summer headlines of 2007 (Shock call to scrap city’s £74m transport museum), and then the follow-ups in October and November (Good news for Zaha as work on Transport Museum looks set to begin and Work begins on city’s £74 million Riverside Museum), and the the actual starting (First turf cut for Riverside Museum project) and just before last Christmas, work starts properly (Riverside development gets under way in Glasgow), to today’s latest sponsorship fund-raiser (Glasgow’s ‘Guggenheim’ starts to take shape). (more…)