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Catching The Fat Virus 2009-01-28

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Obesity can be ‘caught’ as easily as a common cold from other people’s coughs, sneezes and dirty hands, scientists said (more…)

Hiding Recession Spending 2009-01-25

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Hide the ‘Hermès‘ orange and the ‘Tiffany‘ blue — today’s wealthy consumers are asking for unmarked bags to disguise their luxury purchases.

Last week, Ms.Kathleen Fuld, wife of  ‘Lehman Brothers’ C.E.O. Mr.Dick Fuld, stopped by the ‘Hermès’ boutique on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue to buy some holiday gifts. As she paid for her purchases, she vetoed the store’s signature orange bag and asked for a plain white one instead. (more…)

Cheaper to Rent for First Time Buyers 2009-01-24

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It is cheaper for first-time buyers to rent a home than buy one, (more…)

Allergic or Intolerant? 2009-01-18

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It is estimated that 12 million people in the UK are unaware that they have a food intolerance.   Around one third of the population is affected by an allergy and many more by food intolerances.

‘National Food Allergy and Intolerance Week’ is from 2000-01-19, and the organisers aim to highlight the importance of identifying food intolerances. (more…)

Calls for Phonics to Eradicate Dyslexia 2009-01-15

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[Picture of Graham Stringer MP]Mr. Graham Stringer, ‘New Labour‘ MP for ‘Manchester Blackley’, has claimed ‘dyslexia’ is a myth to cover up bad teaching of reading and writing. He also suggested there was a link between illiteracy and crime; prisons are full of people unable to read and write.

He described the condition as a ‘cruel fiction’ and suggested the dyslexia ‘industry’ should be ‘killed off’ through the ‘magic bullet’ of teaching children to read and write by using a phonetic system of sounding letters and words. (more…)

House Prices Must Be Maintained! 2009-01-06

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THE British are obsessed with two things: the weather and house prices.

The great many TV shows relating to property is a clue to how important this is to us; there’s something about ‘bricks and mortar’ we love to invest in. In this post I shall try to explain why dropping the price of your property is a bad idea, and that everyone should act like a proper investor and wait for the tide to turn! (more…)