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Lazy Glasgow 2009-09-10

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Health, Scotland, Statistics.

Lazy Brits would rather watch a television programme they do not like than get out of their chair to change channels.

A survey by Nuffield Health has been finding out our slobbish habits with some shocking results.

Around one in six people said if their remote control was broken, they would continue watching the same channel rather than get up.

More than half of the 2000 adults questioned (59%) would get the lift rather than climb two flights of stairs to their workplace.

And a third (36%) said they would not run to catch a bus.

‘If we don’t start to take control of this problem, a whole generation will become too unfit to perform even the most rudimentary of tasks’, said Ms. Sarah Dauncey, medical director of Nuffield Health.

‘Ready-meals, remote controls and even internet shopping are all contributing to a dangerously lazy and idle Britain.

‘The nation has fallen into a vicious circle of laziness that we must put a stop to.’

The Nuffield Health Fitness Report included a top 10 of the laziest cities, based on how many people admitted they do not exercise at least three times a week.

  • Glasgow topped the table with 75%, followed by
  • Birmingham and Southampton (both 67%),
  • London (66%),
  • Bristol (64%),
  • Leeds and Newcastle (both 62%),
  • Norwich (60%),
  • Manchester (59%) and
  • Cardiff (58%).

The survey did offer some hope with almost three out of 10 (28%) of respondents saying they would be prepared to step up their fitness regime if they felt it would make them more attractive to their partner.



1. government grants - 2009-09-19

I would agree, if I am in front of the telly and the control is out of reach then I just leave it. However I am not often in front of the box.

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