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Bad Acne Cured In One Week 2009-09-29

Posted by clype in Health.
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I am a seventeen-year-old who had terrible and repulsive acne for the past 3 years, and literally got rid of it in one week by putting a clean towel over my pillowcase every day.

Bear with me here! Because I struggled with acne for so long, it’s hard to not make such a long post, because of how passionate about the topic I’ve grown. I know I may seem a bit loony, but all I want to do through this post is try to help someone.

This isn’t a spam post/advertisement — I’ve got no products to promote, and I’m not even going to advocate types of soaps here (that isn’t to say soap doesn’t help). I’m just making this for the sake of hopefully helping my fellow acne-sufferers.

I’d been having terrible, disgusting, simply repulsive acne for the past 3 years. I even have literally ~100 (yes, I was that obsessive) close-up pictures of the sides of my face that I’d use for posts that would plead for some miracle solutions or at least some helpful knowledge on the Internet. I was ashamed when I went to school, and was entirely too ashamed to approach people, because I knew engaging in conversation would mean having to get close enough for them to see my flaws.

There would be a new formation waiting for me every day, if not multiple formations. My skin… felt… alive. And possessed. I went to several doctors and tried things like (here are the ones I can remember) Erythromycin, Tetracycline, Differin, Retin-A, Aqua Glycolic Acid, etc.

Chugged bottle after bottle after bottle of water every day because it was supposed to help (and it very well might have, to some extent, but it wasn’t noticeable to me).

I even went several months carefully crushing up aspirin pills, mixing them with just the right amount of water, and then spreading that all over my face because of how many times I’d read about the salicylic acid supposedly helping at least some people out.

Some of these things seemed to cause changes, but overall, nothing significant. And more importantly, nothing really made it go away. As if my own body was taunting me, whitehead after pimple after unappealing, unidentified bump would develop overnight, and I couldn’t stand to look at myself in sunlight any longer.

Anyways, well, the whole overnight thing? That information, as I would find, turned out to be key. It should have made the solution much more apparent to me, and I wish I’d just thought about it earlier, but what can you do?

As it turns out, my pillowcase was the problem. I guess I didn’t change it as often as I should have. I’d change it once every two weeks or so.

Was that a normal rate? Apparently not, but I never knew, and frankly, I never minded it. Regardless, even if my pillowcase gets changed every day, I’ve come to the decision that it’s never going to be clean enough for me to lay my face against. Instead, I’ve been laying down a freshly-washed, clean towel daily for my face to lie against. Like I said, it’s only been one week, and everything… is now… completely… gone.

Now, my skin is unbelievably smooth and even-toned — I almost feel like I’m a little kid again because of how clear my skin is. I love to look at myself in the mirror now. I’ve started to become more outgoing. I’m even looking forward to a date soon. Because of how simple this really was, I almost feel like this should be a FML. But oh well. Here it is. Here’s what I did. If you have acne, try this. Don’t just limit it to your pillowcase; do not let your even-somewhat dirty sheets come in contact with your bare skin anywhere your skin is affected. In the least, just try to be more aware of this, because I really, really think it will help you. After finding it out the hard way, I even Googled it to see if anyone else had similar results, and sure enough, they did.

If this is common sense to anyone else, I apologize. But don’t assume everyone else knows this just because you do. Three years of researching acne solutions never prompted me to even remotely ponder this. I’m an extremely hygienic person in every other sense. I just never… knew.

  • CLIPPED FROM: ‘I am a seventeen-year-old who had terrible and repulsive acne for the past 3 years, and literally got rid of it in one week by putting a clean towel over my pillowcase every day’. (self.reddit.com), 2009-09-29


1. Theresa - 2010-01-23

I am a MOM trying to get my son to DO SOMETHING about his acne. You may have something here because my son – when it comes to changing pillow cases and sheets – my son DOES NOT do it. He would sleep on the bare mattress with the same old NASTY PILLOW!!!

He is now becoming concerned about his acne and I am going to give him this article. If it is something as simple as HYGIENE then we will try that FIRST before pumping him up with drugs from the dermatologist!!

Thanks for Sharing!!!

micky - 2013-03-25

for ance you can use oxytetracycline from your G.P it could be named a different brand depends where your from…. also quinoderm cream for acne both good give it about 4 – 5 month for treatment to take full effect ?

2. B - 2010-02-07

Well, here it goes…

3. criminal scum - 2010-04-15

You say a bad acne? If one week can make your face smooth and even toned i call you a liar. I had really bad acne and it left scars and marks on my face/shoulders.
I was even obsessed with cleanlyness becouse of it.
Proper strong drugs finally made the difference and took away the painful deep acne.
I came of the drug to summer becouse of the side skin burning side effect.
Sun scorched last of the acne that the drug hadn’t taken.

4. Ave - 2010-12-03

Wow, that’s amazing! I’ve got a few pimples here and there but they never seem to go away. After one disappears, another takes its place. It’s a vicious cycle, really. I just discovered this towel treatment a few hours ago actually and I plan on giving it a try. This entry was like a go signal. Thanks for the advice!

5. Claire - 2011-05-14

I’m going to try this! Hope it works! Thank u

6. michael - 2012-03-26

Were you using and products as well at the time? I figuee I’d give this a try before my appointment with the dermatologist. If I’m going to try this I figured I should find out if you are suppose to stop using everything and just use the clean towel or continue with products and use the clean towel?

7. umair - 2012-06-22

i will try this , thanks!

8. Federico - 2012-07-07

ive been doing it for 3 days, and I can actually see some changes!!

9. nemanja - 2012-07-08

Helped me….tnx a lot

10. jacksparrow - 2012-07-21

is the hell towel wet or not?

11. Danny - 2012-08-08

There isn’t really any trick to the towel being wet or dry or not washing your face before hand. It’s more to do with the fact that the towel stops your face getting into contact with all the previous sweat and oil that dripped on to your pillow the previous nights.

12. jass - 2012-12-30

It’s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people for this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

13. Lex - 2013-01-01

Thanks! ive been having these same problems!!

14. Jane Ryan - 2013-01-06

Are you serious!?!?!?
This actually works? Oh my gosh…gonna try this tonight

15. jacoby jacobs - 2013-01-07

ima try it i been dealing with bad ance since age 15. its xlears up then gets worsts. any ideas.

16. Miss - 2013-03-06

Im so depressed bout my pimples . seriously ? I’ll try today ! ;)

17. adam - 2013-04-06

What sort of towel did u use? Would a normal towel not irritate ur skin!? Should I use a beach towel?

boss - 2014-05-11

That won’t work, its rather stupid that you people think it will

18. Nicole - 2014-05-12

LOL I’ve done this for over a year and it does not work miracles to “clear” acne.. I just continue to do it still because it is obviously better to sleep on a fresh towel rather than a pillow which has collected sweat, etc.

19. Stacy - 2015-10-19

This worked for me too, but my problem was more my matress, smh i don’t know why it took me so long to come to this solution.

20. shykid313 - 2017-06-24

This method helped me a lot, can’t believe I didn’t start it earlier! I didn’t like the feeling of the towel though, so I got a deja pillowcase after seeing it on facebook: http://www.getdeja.com . Super easy now to keep the pillow fresh :) As someone with acne-prone skin, it’s so refreshing to finally find something that works!

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