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Glasgow 2014 Venues “Late” 2009-11-20

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Key venues for the 2014 Commonwealth Games are months behind schedule, according to a report by Audit Scotland.

They say that the new national indoor sports arena (NISA) is being delayed, as is the revamp of the national swimming centre in Glasgow.

The news has prompted calls (more…)

God NOT The Creator: Translation Error 2009-11-13

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Professor Ms.Ellen van Wolde, a respected Old Testament scholar and author, claims the first sentence of ‘Genesis’ ‘in the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth’ is not a true translation of the Hebrew. (more…)

Ford Profit Surprise 2009-11-03

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While its cross-town rivals stumbled through bankruptcy this summer, ‘The Ford Motor Company’ pressed its advantage, and delivered surprising news on 2009-11-02 MO that its cost-cutting efforts and improving sales helped it earn nearly 65 000 million GBP in the 2009Q3. (more…)

Joss Stone: Music To be Free or Live 2009-11-03

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The 22-year-old soul singer Joss Stone — who recorded her new album ‘Colour Me Free” in her mother’s live music bar ‘Mama Stone’s’ in just a week — believes music should be shared for free whenever possible, (more…)