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Joss Stone: Music To be Free or Live 2009-11-03

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The 22-year-old soul singer Joss Stone — who recorded her new album ‘Colour Me Free” in her mother’s live music bar ‘Mama Stone’s’ in just a week — believes music should be shared for free whenever possible, while Lily Allen has campaigned vehemently to make internet file sharing a criminal offence.

Joss said about this and of Lily Allen:

[Picture of singer Joss Stone]‘It’s really about the track and about their personality and their celebrity and that’s how they make their money is selling those records.

‘So the downloads — she’s not going to win that fight.

‘None of us will win that fight.

‘So let’s just accept it and let’s see it as something that can be beautiful and it might change music for the better.

‘It might sort the weeds from the flowers.’

‘She needs to sell records because she’s not a singer, and that’s not an offence to her because I think that she knows that too.’

‘I think she’s a performer and she’s more of a personality than she is a singer.

‘And that’s what we make our money from, from playing live.
And I think it’s probably harder for an artist like Lily and any other pop acts.

Joss added that she makes music purely for enjoyment. She said:

Who said that musicians have to be millionaires?

‘Who made this a rule?

‘We don’t need that much money. We just don’t; we only need enough to make music and to eat and to go on tour.”

  • CLIPPED FROM: ‘Joss Stone: Lily Allen can’t sing’, Yahoo! News, 2009-11-03
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    1. Brandon - 2010-01-06

    Interesting article agreeing completely with this and with more info – from Greg Kane of Hue and Cry in The Skinny Magazine.
    Helpful link: http://www.theskinny.co.uk/article/98291-a-roadmap-for-new-bands-in-2010

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