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Scanner Sex Abuse at Airports 2010-03-25

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An Heathrow security man was quizzed by police after ogling a girl colleague ‘naked’ in a new anti-terror body scanner.

Ms.Jo. Margetson, 29, reported Mr.John Laker, 25, after he took her picture with the X-ray style gadget and made a lewd comment.

The pervy guard leered and told her:

‘I love those gigantic tits.’

She had entered the X-ray style machine by mistake — (more…)

Stadium Architect Months Behind Schedule 2010-03-23

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Technical drawings for Glasgow’s 113 million GBP show-piece sports arena and indoor cycle track planned for the 2014 Commonwealth Games are four months behind schedule, it was claimed today. (more…)

Shop Wise to Save 2010-03-01

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Article by Rachel Robson

Find out how to fight back against supermarket scams and rising food prices so you can beat the grocery stores at their own game…

Believe it or not, recent figures suggest that over the past few years, the wholesale price of basic food essentials, such as bread and butter, has plummeted almost 50 per cent.

No, I’m not making this up. And yet, I can’t say I’ve noticed. In fact, every time I’m at the checkout, I’m continually amazed at how much money I manage to spend on food each week. (more…)

New Diet Pill Hope 2010-03-01

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Three Articles: Submission: 2010-03-01, Speculation: 2010-07-15 & Result: 2010-07-15

Submission: 2010-03-01

Vivus Inc‘. today announced that ”The US Food and Drug Administration‘ (‘The FDA’) has accepted for filing the company’s new drug application (‘NDA’) for its investigational drug, ‘Qnexa‘, for the treatment of obesity.

The target date for ‘The FDA’ to complete its review of the ‘Qnexa’ ‘NDA’ is 2010-10-28.

In previously announced pivotal phase 3 trials, patients treated with all three doses of ‘Qnexa’ achieved significant weight loss compared to placebo, and significant dose-related improvements in a variety of secondary endpoints including reductions in cardiovascular, inflammatory and metabolic risk factors. (more…)