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Scottish Homes Lead The Green Way 2010-04-04

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Improved building standards will give Scotland some of the greenest homes in Europe, a Holyrood minister said.

Infrastructure MSP Mr.Stewart Stevenson (SNP, Banff & Buchan) hailed the new rules, which have just been published and will come into force at the start of 2010-10.

These will mean increased energy standards for all new buildings, with emissions required to be 30per cent less than the 2007 standards.

Sound insulation on walls and floors between properties will have to be improved and the regulations also include enhanced security features for homes, with higher design specifications for doors, windows and locks.

In addition, new-build schools will have to have sprinklers fitted to reduce potential damage and loss.

Mr.Stevenson said the improved energy standards would help tackle climate change and added:

‘I expect higher demand for small-scale renewables technologies as developers look at ways to meet the new standards, giving Scotland new opportunities for jobs and investment in low carbon industries. Cutting out energy waste will also save money.’

The measures are being brought in following a review and consultation and Professor Mr. Sean Smith, director of the Institute for Sustainable Construction, at Edinburgh Napier University, added:

‘It is very positive that after so many years the standards have been raised.

‘Some house builders have been building to these higher standards, however this will now bring a level playing field for the industry sector and all occupants irrespective of income.’



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