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Cheapest & Most Expensive Holiday Destinations 2010-06-12

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A new study has revealed that France is the most expensive country to go to on holiday, despite the public’s perception that it is cheaper to visit than Dubai, Japan and the Nordic countries.

The research by flight comparison website Skyscanner.net looked at the cost of various items including a coffee, a beer, a meal, accommodation and car hire in 30 different destinations.
France finished top ahead of Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil and Russia, when comparing holiday prices — excluding flights.

Even if you do include flights, France is still the third most expensive country to visit, higher than Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

The findings were in contrast to a separate survey of 1 500 people in the UK, also by the site, which showed that most thought that Sweden would be the most expensive holiday destination, with Norway and Switzerland in second and third place. France was ranked just ninth by those who took part in the research.

The most expensive country to visit overall, including flights, is Japan. By contrast, Cyprus is the least expensive, before and after flights are taken into consideration.

Despite this, most people perceive Cyprus as quite expensive, ranking it 14th most expensive out of the 30 countries surveyed.



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