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Stop-Smoking Pills For Losing Weight 2010-08-01

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Dramatic effects have been seen from a weight loss recipe that combines anti-addiction drugs with dieting and exercise.

A group of obese trial patients put on the programme lost up to 6 per cent of their bodyweight over the course of a year.

The study authors said the improvements were ‘clinically meaningful’ and may reduce the risk of death.

However, the treatment’s success was tempered by a lack of significant reductions in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

US American researchers recruited 1742 patients aged 18 to 65 for the 56 week trial — but only half saw it through to the end.

Participants were randomly prescribed either a combination of the drugs naltrexone and bupropion or ‘dummy’ placebo pills.

Naltrexone‘ is commonly used to treat alcoholics and heroin addicts, while bupropion is better known as anti-smoking drug ‘Zyban‘. Both are known to reduce food cravings.

The findings, reported in an on-line edition of ‘The Lancet‘ medical journal, showed that treated participants lost between 5  and 6 per cent of their bodyweight depending on which of two doses of naltrexone they were given. Patients in the placebo group lost 1.3 per cent.



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