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New Nuclear Power Reactor Rescued 2010-09-30

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The European Union and six member states have reached a deal on the financing and timetable for an experimental nuclear fusion reactor.

An explosion in costs had cast a cloud over ‘The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor’ (The ITER).

  • The project, which is to be based in Cadarache in southern France, aims to harness the same physical process that fuels the Sun.

Additional construction funds will have to come from within the EU’s budget.

The extra 1400 million EUR will cover a shortfall in building costs in 2012-13.

Delegates agreed that the overall costs of the project will be almost US $21bn, (16 ooo million EUR/13 000 Million GBP), some three times the original price. (more…)

UK Growth at 9-Year High 2010-09-29

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The economy grew at its fastest pace in nine years in the second quarter of 2010 and growth in the first three months of the year was revised slightly higher, according to ‘The Office for National Statistics‘ (The ONS) on 2010-09-28.

The economy has bounced back strongly from its deepest recession since World War Two.

The ONS said gross domestic product grew 1.2 per cent in the three months to 2010-06, confirming an estimate published 2010-08 and in line with economists’ forecasts. (more…)

France Is Best Place in Europe 2010-09-23

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The UK no longer enjoys the highest net household income in the continent; last year it was 10 000 GBP above the European average, whereas now it is just 2 314 GBP ahead, slipping below Ireland, The Netherlands and Denmark. (more…)

Bye Bye TV Hello Wireless Broadband 2010-09-21

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The European Commission has proposed requiring member countries to sell off TV frequencies by 2013, and allow wireless broadband elsewhere by 2012. (more…)

Bed Bug Bafflement 2010-09-01

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Don’t be too quick to dismiss the common bedbug as merely a pestiferous six-legged blood-sucker. Think of it, rather, as Cimex lectularius, “International arthropod of mystery”.

In comparison to other insects that bite man, or even only walk across man’s food, nibble man’s crops or bite man’s farm animals, very little is known about the creature whose Latin name means — go figure — ‘bug of the bed.’ Only a handful of entomologists specialise in it, and until recently it has been low on the government’s research agenda because it does not transmit disease. Most study grants come from the pesticide industry and ask only one question: “What kills it?”

  • But now that it’s “The Bug That Ate New York, Not to Mention Other Shocked American Cities”, that may change.

This month, “The Environmental Protection Agency” (The EPA) and “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” issued a joint statement on bedbug control. It was not, however, a declaration of war nor a plan of action. It was an acknowledgement that the problem is big, a reminder that federal agencies mostly give advice, plus some advice: try a mix of vacuuming, crevice-sealing, heat and chemicals to kill the things. (more…)